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6 Tips to Boost the Speed of Your Mobile Phone

Smartphones are no different from computers when it comes to maintenance and long-term performance. Just like a desktop computer, a smartphone especially Android and iOS phones also goes through a diminished performance after being used for a long time. Mobile operating systems also get clunky the longer you use them, just like a computer's. On that note, it also means mobile phones need regular software maintenance in order to get it working at its 100% all the time. Also, the storage space of a mobile phone is no different from a computer's, the files you store in it, the more effort it requires to index all of them and run the phone smoothly. The more files, the heavier your hard drive gets, the more weight your phone's hardware will be bearing, the slower it will get. With that being said, here are 5 tips on how to boost the speed of your mobile phone.
Software Updates
One of the reasons why smartphone makers provide updates for their phone every now and then is to ensure that their performance is optimized to the best that they could and fix bugs if there are any. Every release is expected to work best towards the phone's performance boost, of course. Aside from that, these updates are meant to fix all other issues that users experience with the phone according to their feedbacks. These issues are mostly about app performance (or non-performance - crashing) and the phone's speed. So, if ever your phone notifies you of a firmware or system update, make sure that you don't miss out on that no matter how big of a size it is. In fact, the bigger the update the better.
Clear Cache Data
Cache data can be considered as the leftover files from your previous browsing session, app usage, or residue of apps you've once installed. These files usually hide inside the system folders of the phone and are not easily detectable through the phone's native file scanning capability. In order to get to these sneaky junk files lingering within your phone is to install a performance optimizer or file cleaning app, the most common in the Android market is the Clean Master and Dr. Cleaner for iOS. Apps like these two will make a thorough system scan of your phone and will determine files and folders which are no longer in use and have been that way for a period of time already. Once done, it will give the users a run-down of these files and option to remove them entirely. On the average, releasing a month's worth of cached files will give your phone more or less 1GB worth of storage memory. Not only will it give you more room for your files, it will also make your phone' software lighter does boost its performance.
Deleting Unnecessary Apps
As mentioned earlier, the more storage space in your phone is consumed, the clunkier it will get. One of the ways to optimize storage space which will lead to a performance boost is to delete unnecessary apps especially bloat wares. Bloat wares are preinstalled apps that phone makers decided to throw into their phones in order to achieve the actual features that they want to emphasize on their phone. Some of these bloat wares are useful but most often than not they're useless. Also, many of these bloat wares cannot be uninstalled but there's still a good sum of them that can be removed from your phone.
On the other hand, uninstalling apps that you no longer use will also be beneficial in optimizing your phone's performance. They will free up more space and will allow the phone to have a much lighter storage system to process.
Force Close All Background Apps
Most of the time, smartphone users press the home button once they're done with an app. By doing so, the app is not entirely shut down, instead, they're just paused until they're launched again. These apps become background app and will continue to consume your phone's RAM until they are entirely shut.
In case you are not aware of what the RAM is for here's a what it is about in a nutshell: Random Access Memory better known as RAM is basically the virtual memory that accommodates the phone's real-time activities. The more RAM your phone has, the more files or applications it can accommodate at the same time. Compared to a storage space, the RAM is a temporary memory allocated to a device in order to process real-time activities. Once these activities are done, they also free up the RAM that they consumed. Think of this way: The RAM is a bowl and the apps are your cereal. The bigger your bowl (RAM) is the more cereal (Apps or files) you can pour into it without spilling. Once you've finished eating your cereal (or doing your activity), the bowl will be free again for more cereal.
With that being said, in order for you to fully end an app session here's how to do it:
· Double click the home button. It will zoom out from the home screen and showcase all the running apps side by side.
· Flick the app that you want to end upwards.
Android (KitKat, Lollipop, and Marshmallow)
· Press the multitasking (overview) button or long press the function key for phones with buttons like the Samsung Galaxy S series. It will open all the running apps in the phone which you can't see.
· Flick the apps sideways in order to force close them.
Clean Up You RAM
Apparently, cleaning up your RAM by closing your recent apps is not enough sometimes. The most efficient way of making sure that there are no more sneaky files or apps that are eating it up is by using a RAM cleaner app. These apps will not only make sure that your phone is no longer slowed down by background apps, but it also optimizes your battery. The fewer apps and files making your phone move a muscle, the lesser battery it will burn.
Apps such as Clean Master for Android and Dr. Cleaner for iOS comes with this feature. For Android phones, its widget really comes in handy, you can instantly free up your RAM with just a click of that widget.

Top London Sights Not to Be Missed

When visiting London there are some sights you should try not to miss. Even if travelling for business and staying in the heart of the business district, if you have a few hours to spare, there are sights you will want to see for yourself before heading home.
The first sight to take advantage of is the famous landmark, the London Eye. The London Eye is a giant Ferris wheel which soars over the city providing you with the most spectacular views. It gives you a birds eye view of the River Thames and the city skyline. It is definitely something you do not want to cross off your to-do list when visiting the capital city. If you are enjoying a romantic weekend, then go on the London Eye at sunset, for business travellers the entire experience is only half an hour, something you can easily fit into your busy schedule.
Next is the Tower of London, a beautiful Medieval castle which is brimming with spectacular architecture and character. The Tower of London is better known for being home to the crown jewels. You can take a guided tour, experience the castle first hand and see the crown jewels in person. The Tower of London is one of the most visited sights in London attracting thousands of visitors each and every year.
From here make your way to the well-know St Pauls Cathedral. A spectacular cathedral brimming with history and spectacular architecture. Here you can explore the inside of the cathedral with its vast ceilings and enjoy the church yard and garden area. This is definitely an experience you do not want to miss and whether on business or travel, consider a guided tour to gather all the history this cathedral has to offer.
Buckingham Palace, the Queen of Englands residence, is another attraction you may want to see while in London. This beautiful castle is only open to the public when the Royal Family are not residing there, but there is always the exterior, which is beautiful and of course the famous changing of the guards, which is definitely a display to experience before you head home.
Big Ben is probably the most iconic landmark of London, but also a national timepiece. This giant clock is definitely something to explore when in the capital city. It is one to be remembered for years to come.
Then there is Westminster Abbey, a Gothic church which is brimming with history and character. You will be amazed by the volume of the building, the spectacular interior and the impressive architecture. Ensure you take your time to go through the Abbey, which is still one of the most visited buildings in London today.
It is advisable when you are in London, whether for a few days on business or for a weeks holiday, that you make a note of the landmarks, historical buildings and attractions you want to experience. You can find all the great experiences online, with a full range of museums and galleries, where you can soak up some culture about the area.
Keep your list at hand and cross off each item as you complete it, this way you are assured to get to enjoy the full London experience with ease and confidence. You don't want regrets when you get home, sorry you didn't see something. If you are staying in a five star luxury hotel in London then the concierge service will be able to assist you with recommendations and even tickets, so you can see everything you want to see before you go home.

3 Food Based Theme Wedding Favors

Theme #1: Chocolate theme wedding favors
Should you have white chocolate or dark chocolate wedding favors? Maybe a combination of both milk and dark chocolate almond would be a good idea? Or maybe choose a combination of white chocolate and dark chocolate in one wedding favor.
The best idea is to have one flavor of chocolate for the wedding favors. The more flavors you have, the more costly the favors will become. You will probably already have a chocolate fountain, so you can than choose a different flavor of chocolate for the fountain Next you must decide on the design and style of the chocolate wedding favor.
You could choose chocolate cookies on a stick, covered chocolate hearts, chocolate m&m's, chocolate mints, plain chocolate bars or get very extravagant and have little chocolate swans or chocolate basket wedding favors. Actually, the possibilities are endless when it comes to choosing the design and style of your chocolate wedding favor.
But what is absolutely necessary to complete your chocolate wedding favors is the personalization on them. You must have the bride and groom's name and date of the wedding on the item, a sweet saying or at least a thank you on the chocolate wedding favor. These are very tasteful when written in an alternating chocolate on the wedding favor itself. However, this type of personalization can be more costly than a packaging on the outside which says "thank you for joining us on our special day." Either way you choose, a chocolate wedding favor is a hit at anyone's wedding.
Theme #2: Cookie theme wedding favor
Cookie theme wedding favour is the second option available for a bridal couple to look for their guests. Most couples want something that represents their wedding day and at the same, used as a nice token of their appreciation for the love and support of their wedding guests. Opting custom wedding cookie favors is a good choice for the wedding couple. The cookies can add nice d├ęcor to the wedding reception and the delicious treat well be appreciated by the wedding guests.
Custom wedding cookie favors is a geometric cookie such as a rectangle, diamond, or heart shape to be frosted and decorated with the monogram or bridal couples' names is a very popular choice among couples. The cookie can be frosted with the colors of the wedding and can have other decorations such as hearts and bells or the cookie can be stylishly designed with the monogram. The cookies are often come from a butter cookie recipe but can be modified into various flavorings. Each cookie is wrapped in plastic wrappings and tied with a decorative ribbon. This tasty treat will be a nice finish to the wedding day.
Wedding cake cookies are another nice design for wedding cookie favors. The cake cookie can be frosted to look like the wedding cake. It will give the guest the chance to take a piece of the wedding cake home with them. These cookies are wonderful for the wedding favors and also will be good to freeze for the first anniversary celebration along with the wedding cake top. It will help to bring back nice memories of the wedding day when the cookies are brought out a year later.
Another nice cookie design for wedding cookie favors are tuxedo and bridal gown cookies. These cookies are cut in the shape of a wedding tuxedo or a bridal dress and are decorated respectively. This is an adorable design that will be well liked by all the guests. A good addition to these cookies would be to put a tux and gown together and have a label with the couple's new married name of Mr. and Mrs. to imply their wedding union.
Fortune cookies will be a great choice for wedding cookie favors. These cookies can be decorated with toppings of frosting and wrapped with the rest of the cookies. The fortunes in the cookies can be suitable fortunes for a wedding reception and will bring a lot of fun and conversation to the party. Whether the couple opts the fortune cookie or another design wedding cookie favors, it will be a great treat for everyone.
Theme #3: Edible theme wedding favor
Wedding favors are a pleasant way of giving a small thank you to wedding guests and providing a small memento of the special occasion. One great idea is choosing an edible wedding favors. Edible wedding favors gives you the chance to provide the traditional wedding favor and also giving a little treat to end the day. It is also a fun way to express something from the couple or a cute way to say something about their feelings for one another.
Homemade candy and mints for wedding favors are widely reminiscent and this traditional idea is still a great edible wedding favor idea to date. Several companies come out with specially designed or customised candies and mints suited for edible wedding favors. Bite sized candy or mints are available in cute pocket size tins with the bride and grooms name and wedding date on the tin. This idea can be practical as once the treat is eaten, the tin can be used for storing other small items. A cheap but fun idea is to have conversational hearts as the candy favor. These fun candies have cute wedding statements that are entertaining for the guests to read and share with each other.
Other candy and mint edible wedding favors can include small boxes of truffles, monogrammed petit fours, personalized life savers, or personalized chocolate candy bars. A wide variety of unique candy and mint ideas are available for wedding favors and it suitable for a wedding couple that has a certain kind of candy that they specially flavour. It also served as a way to incorporate that treat into an edible wedding favor.
Some companies offer edible wedding favors in the form of coffee or tea. Special concoctions of coffee or a favorite tea can be packaged in special wedding logo that tells the bridal couple's came and the wedding date. For a unique blend, the option of having a special cappuccino or hot chocolate blend can be incorporated into the wedding theme. These edible wedding favors will definite bring smiles to all the wedding guests.

Effective Horse Training Techniques

Being a "Horse Whisperer" has long been considered a difficult skill to learn. It is a true wonder how these people are able to calm down a horse, train them and effectively communicate with them. A secret to this, however, is not rocket science - it is all in the "timing": the skill of knowing when to command and knowing when to release the pressure and just leave the horse to learn on his own and build self-esteem.
Besides skills, like feet handling and halter training, one of the two schools of thought when it comes to horse training involves giving the horses adequate freedom. This method focuses on horses' natural instincts in their growth. Training horses using this method will require you to not put your hands on them to develop herd dynamics. Similar to a child in school, It is important for you, the teacher, to allow some breathing room and to pull back from overwhelming your student.
The Basic Facts You Need to Know Before Training a Young Horse
Though the natural horse training will require you to do almost nothing, it is still important to know about the basic things in this kind of drill. The natural training is suitable for young horses. When they reach 2 to 3 years, you can slowly teach them some basics. This is important because good timing and feel about the horses is also necessary.
You can just leave your horse roaming the farm at first, but you can also conduct simple trainings for starters. Simply make sure to keep your training activities interesting and fun to do. Even if your horse is already undergoing training, it still needs to be close to its mother. This calms young horses down and makes them feel more at ease while in the training. And finally, when training your horse, explore which touches it doesn't like and which touches it enjoys, this will help you figure out how to handle your horse better.
Natural Training Tricks and Techniques You Must Know for Young Horses
Horse training can mean a lot of things. But it is totally worthless if you know nothing about different tricks and techniques you could use. The length of your training session with your horse will be dependent on its age. If you are dealing with a younger horse, it is recommended that the session is shorter than the adult horses.
You need to learn first the different methods of learning which are through making associations with uncontrollable factors and finally through punishment and reinforcement methods. And while the reward and punishment method is very effective, you have to weigh how much reward or punishment will be most effective to use. Too much reward will spoil your horse and too much punishment will lead to your horse's pain, fear and frustration, and thus will suppress its learning capability.
Before you decide to leave your horse during training, learn as much as you can about your horse first. Ascertain your horse's mood by looking at its movements. When its head is held up, it means that it is uptight. If its head is low, it means that your horse is relaxed. This will also be your telltale sign if your horse is ready to be trained.
While it is an important rule to know strategies of handling your horse, it is also necessary that you keep your emotions in check. It is always best to not be frustrated when training, instead, be calm and patient. In time, you will find that your self-confidence radiates down from your body to your horse. With sufficient practice, timing and patience, you will soon find your horse able and willing to learn from you.

Tips for Effective Advertising

Advertising is an important aspect of basically every business. If a business has to make a mark in the market then proper advertising can help to achieve. The top marketing strategy is advertising and making more and more people aware about the business and its policies.
An advertising can be simply based on what you say in words, pictures or sounds. The intention of making an advertise is to get noticed, understood, achieve a result, initiate an action, etc. In this article, we have provided certain tips that will help you to achieve your goals.
A guide to advertising
• Create unique and distinct formats and be sure to use them whenever you use your company name.
• Your branding should be done properly.
• Ensure that everything is well organized and easy to follow and maintain.
• Ensure that your advertisement includes all the important information about your business.
• Provide the contact details so at the customers finds it easy to contact you whenever they feel the need.
• If you are including the price of the commodities you sell then make sure that you provide all relevant information to your customers so that they are easy to find and remembered.
• All the information that you include should be relevant and up to date.
• Simple language should be used to make the people understand your objectives.
Where can you advertise?
There are several medias by which you can reach out to your target audience. These are newspaper, television, radio, and online.
Through newspaper
Not only newspaper, you can advertise through magazines, direct mail, directories, and the billboards by giving an interesting and impactful headline that would capture attention in the first instant. If the graphics are good then they would definitely be another reason to be remembered by the viewers.
Through television
When you show your ad on the television you can add more information to it. Make a memorable appearance of the products on the screen. For a better impact, you can hire professional actors who would make the things look more natural.
Through radio
A simple message is clearer than a complex cluster of ideas. If you repeat the benefits of using your products then it is likely that people will be more convinced with it.

The Hidden Benefits of a Low Cost Dental Plan

Any dentist will tell you how important it is to look after your oral health. The gums are one of the body's main gateways for infection, meaning not looking after them can result in problems in other areas. If you've ever had an infected tooth, you'll know firsthand just how unwell it can make you feel - and not just due to the nerve pain.
Tooth decay is common in those who have neglected their oral health. We tend to miss check ups for a number of reasons: fear of dental procedures, busy lives, or simply that it slips our mind because we're not in any immediate pain. But one of the main reasons we avoid visits to the dentist is that they are simply too expensive.
An increasing number of us don't receive dental care packages from our employers, making oral care difficult to afford. This causes us to neglect one of the focal areas of our overall health, and may even lead to more invasive procedures with longer recovery times. But there is an alternative that promises to keep our health in check without breaking the bank.
A low cost dental plan can provide an affordable alternative to conventional ones; it can also serve to supplement your existing insurance policy. There are many obvious benefits of signing up to one of these discount plans, including savings of up to 50% or more, flexible fee schedules and a guarantee of being accepted regardless of your situation.
However, there are also many hidden benefits of signing up that many people remain oblivious to. For example, many of us don't realise that by investing in a low cost dental plan, we could also gain access to discounted visual care.
This means you could be saving over 20% off retail eyeglass frames and lenses, contact lenses and eye exams from over 30,000 providers nationwide. You should also receive discounted access to independent Optometrists, Ophthalmologists and Opticians. You may even stand to save money on LASIK or PRK procedures.
You should also receive cheaper prescriptions when you become a member of a discount dental service. This means you'll be able to receive discounts of 20% or more on generic medicines for common health conditions, as well as high tech and injectable drugs. You will be able to use your drug card any time your prescription isn't covered by your membership.
This prescription discount should apply in thousands of participating pharmacies nationwide, including most major chains. It offers unlimited use with no restrictions and no lengthy forms to complete. You may even stand to make extra savings if you use a mail order programme, depending on your provider.
What's more, your medical history is never taken into account when you apply. No one is ever denied coverage, regardless of age, health or financial circumstances. Plus, unlike with other healthcare plans, you are granted unlimited visits to your dentist. So, there is no need to be concerned if your treatments span over a number of appointments.
You will be able to find a plan that best fits your personal situation, whether you're looking for individual coverage, family coverage or you're applying as part of a group. By looking online for providers in your area, you will be able to compare the prices of different plans and find the best one to suit you.
Before signing up to a service online, be sure to read through the terms and conditions, as well as the company's disclosure page. As a customer and patient, it's important you know your rights when it comes to treatment, and in terms of cancelling your membership if and when you need to.

Common Challenges In Mobile Testing Services

Mobile devices are growing in popularity at an indescribable rate. Nearly every individual has a smart phone, tablet or another mobile device; even household appliances are not immune to this growing market. The prevalence of mobile devices and applications means that software testing is even more essential. Like with any sort of endeavor, there are bound to be challenges in mobile testing. Below is a list of the 7 most common obstacles organizations and QA engineers face in testing mobile devices and applications.
Diverse devices, configurations and OS
Perhaps the most prevalent challenge with mobile testing services is the devices itself. There are numerous kinds of mobile devices, such as iPods, iPads, Android and Windows devices. There are also many different configurations and operating systems for each of these devices. QA engineers and developers have to make sure your application can function correctly across the vast number of devices and configurations.
Different types of apps
On top of seeing if an app will work across devices, carriers and OS, testers need to be aware of the different kinds of applications. QA engineers must consider particular requirements of native apps, web apps and hybrid apps.
Variety of screen sizes
Another obstacle that QA testers face is the difference in screen sizes. An application may work well on an iPad and the screen will show everything that is intended to be shown, but that application may not work as well on smaller screens.
Multiple carriers and connection types
Verizon, Sprint, T-mobile and AT&T are just a few of the carriers that mobile testers need to consider. Not all carriers will have the same network standards, amount of data or coverage. Also, QA engineers need to consider the various connection types as well. How will an app work using a 3G network as compared to a 4G network? How about over Wi-Fi? How will the app work in airplane mode or if there's no connection? Even though carrier testing is not that important any more, bandwidth and connectivity are all questions that QA engineers have to consider as they test your mobile application.
Another obstacle that mobile testers face is internationalization. Translating applications into other languages can prove difficult. This is especially true if the language reads right to left, such as Arabic and Hebrew, instead of left to right, such as English and Spanish.
Lack of time or tools
Some organizations simply may not have the time to thoroughly test their application. They also may not have the tools needed to properly test their application. These two obstacles could cause the application to be released into the market without adequate testing, which could result in dissatisfied customers and a loss in profit.
Inexperienced testers
Sometimes an organization's QA team simply doesn't have the experience or knowledge to test their application. Also, an organization might have their developers testing their application instead of QA engineers. Having developers test as well may seem like it will save money, however, that is not the case. The application will lose quality because developers are not trained to look at an app in the same way testers are. Testers are willing to "break" an application in order to ensure that the finished application is of the utmost quality. Developers, understandably, may not wish to "break" their creation. This could result in critical errors appearing later on.
How can one get past these challenges?
  • Hire a QA provider
One way to conquer these hurdles is to hire a software testing company that offers mobile testing. An efficient testing company will already have the tools you need to test your application. If your QA provider tests offshore, you will save valuable time as the QA engineers will test when your day has ended. The best mobile testing services providers will have ways to overcome these common obstacles.
  • Have a testing lab
Efficient mobile testing partners will have a cutting-edge lab dedicated to mobile testing. This lab will contain numerous devices and multiple configurations of these devices so your application is tested thoroughly. This will also help with testing across different screen sizes and operating systems.
  • Have experienced engineers
These companies will have highly trained engineers with years of experience in testing and expertise in a wide variety of testing tools. These skilled engineers would have been trained in the latest methods of testing and they will be determined to find bugs in your application early on, so your developers will have more time to fix the bugs and ensure your application is of the best quality.

How Do You Select A Holiday Villa?

Accommodation during a holiday really determines the kind of experience you have during your stay. Hotels are the most commonly used modes of accommodation during holidays but villas have gained popularity over the hotels because of the kind of convenience and privacy they offer to holidaymakers. If you are looking to maximize your comfort levels during a holiday, then the villas are the way to go.
The truth however is that you are likely to find many villas in your selected holiday destination. If you are particular about how you wish your holiday to be, then you definitely want to take into consideration everything that matters. Here are some of the things you should consider so you are able to choose the best holiday villa in your preferred destination.
Location of villa
If you love the beach, then choosing a beachfront villa may be the best choice to make. Consider the kind of views you stand to enjoy from your villa and then select the most appropriate for the person you are. The best thing about holiday villas is that they are designed to meet with the demands of the holidaymakers and hence most are strategically located to offer the kind of views they love. If you have decided to travel during peak season, try as much as possible to make your bookings early so you are able to be among the first people to choose to get the kind of villa you want before the demand shoots.
Size of the villa
The villas are generally like holiday homes and are therefore designed to host families and groups. The holiday destinations have the villas in different sizes so that you get to select a size that works for the demands in terms of the number of people you are taking with you for the holidays. Think about the number of rooms in relations to the number of people so you are sure that the sleeping arrangements will be comfortable for everyone that you will be tagging along. Important to remember is that the size of the villa can have an effect on the charges so make sure that apart from it being good enough for you, you can actually afford it in terms of the length of time you wish to spend at the destination.
Amenities in the villa
Because villas are created to be holiday homes, you are most likely to find everything that is essential during a holiday. You will have a fully equipped and functional kitchen at your disposal and you will also have other items like towels, hairdryers, bed linens, toiletries, AC systems and others provided for. But is it important that you do not assume that you will get everything ready and waiting for you. Always find out in advance what will be provided for so you can pack for the holiday accordingly or make other necessary plans to make sure that you have everything you need throughout your stay.

How to Keep Your Tools and Pickup Truck Safe and Secure

It is a daily challenge to keep your tools, goods and equipment in your vehicle safe and secure. Valuable tools in an easy to burgle pickup truck, SUV or van are begging to be stolen. It is not a matter of "if" but "when" your vehicle will be broken into. It is a soft target and very tempting to criminals to forego.
There are three ways you can make your vehicle secure:
· Deterrence: Make your van a less appetizing prospect
· Security: Make you van more secure
· Recovery: Put a tracking system and purchase insurance in case your vehicle is lost
I. Deterrence
Prevention is certainly better than cure when it comes to van security. Here are some tips to deter vehicle theft:
· It would be best not to store tools in your van overnight so remove your tools in the evening
· Park your van in a locked, alarmed garage every evening if possible. Always park in a well-lit area that can be seen from your home or park in your driveway. If your driveway is dark, fit motion sensitive security lights to deter potential thieves. During the day park in busy well-lit areas whenever possible.
· Always lock your van's doors and keep windows closed even if you are away for a few minutes. Never leave any valuables as phones, sat-nav visible. Leaving keys in ignition is a big no-no, no matter how safe a neighborhood you may be in
· Put a sticker of your security device be it tracker or an alarm in a place where potential thieves can see it
· Most thieves are opportunists so the more obvious security features your van has, the more likely they are to move on to an easier target. Fit a deadlock, and use steering or handbrake locks and install mesh grilles on load-bay windows to add another level of security
· No measure is too small to secure your vehicle. Measures as fitting locking wheel nuts, removable stereo and lockable fuel filter caps all help
· Keep tools out of sight - lock away tools in secure boxes so that they aren't a temptation for opportunists
II. Secure your van
If all our deterrence strategies fail, you still have some options to prevent thieves from taking off with your van or pickup truck:
· Immobilizers: Install an Immobilizer if you don't have one. They prevent the engine from starting by cutting off its electrical supply
· Alarm: If your pickup truck or van does not come with a standard alarm then fit the best one recommended by your insurer
· Secure Tool Boxes: Always keep your tools locked away in locked utility or tool boxes. Best of them are like high-tensile steel safes with anti-drill locks. Bolt them securely to the inside or if they are semi-portable then chain them when you lock them inside. This way you can unchain them and take them along with you at night
· Security mark your tools: You can engrave or carve your zip code and name on your tools. This makes them hard to sell and allows you to get your tools back when they are recovered by the police
· Make a list of your tools: Include make, model and serial number in this list, to help the police identify stolen goods and to help you with your insurance claim.
III. Vehicle Recovery
Install a GPS based tracker to get your stolen vehicle back. Get good insurance policy that will cover everything that you might want to replace including goods in transit, any personal belongings and any professional equipment including tools. Also make sure that you are provided with a replacement or courtesy van while you wait for either the return of your vehicle or an insurance check to buy a replacement.